Your Smiling Face

Smile. Such a simple, but powerful expression.

A smile can change the whole dynamic in a situation.

We have a new team member at work, and she has a beautiful smile that she uses liberally. But what started me thinking about this was that she commented on my smile. I realized I’ve not been smiling enough lately.

Dave Ramsey challenges his receptionist (or Director of First Impressions) to answer all incoming calls with a smile, “Because a smile changes the shape of your vocal cords and your face. A customer can hear a smile on the phone.”

How powerful is that? You can “hear” a smile without even seeing the person?

And you’ve heard that if you smile even when you feel down, it can brighten your mood. I can attest to the validity of this one. Even if you are having really bad day, when someone asks how you are, force yourself to smile and say, “Great!”  I guarantee it will improve your attitude.

But it’s easy to forget to smile.

When we are overwhelmed or in a bad situation, we tend to focus inward. How much better would you feel if you made the small effort to focus outward a moment and bring a smile to someone else’s face?

I bet you would end up with a smile yourself. And then your situation might not seem so bad, after all.

How can we be intentional in helping someone smile, whether you are with them in person or not?

  • Send a quick email to say you are thinking of them
  • Give a compliment on their appearance
  • Thank them for something they did
  • Hug your friend who is going through a hard time, and say, “I’m praying for you.”
  • Make it a point to smile at anyone you come within a few feet of today
  • Smile at the person in the car beside you in traffic

How have you shared a smile today?

2 thoughts on “Your Smiling Face

  1. Carol, love this, how can we not smile after seeing the kitty:-) I’m ready to take on the day with a smile, something as small as that and yet can make such a impact on ourselves and others, thanks for sharing your thoughts:-)

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