Your life could change in an instant

Photo from Williamson Herald

Yesterday when I was running, I came across the aftermath of a horrible wreck, in which three people were critically injured when their car was rear-ended by a tractor trailer truck. The little car was crushed, and there appeared to be no damage to the truck at all.

I can’t get the image of that crumpled little car out of my head. Today when I ran by the spot, I could still see skid marks and mark where the car had come to rest.

This has made me start thinking about how quickly life can change – and how unprepared I would be if I were in that situation. I’m always looking toward the future – what I need to do, to read, to accomplish down the line. I’ve said here before how I tend to get my head down working, and lose track of what is happening around me and who I am missing.

I realize this is nothing new, but I know I need reminders often. And don’t get me wrong, plans are great, but I need to be more intentional about today.

So let me ask you what I’m asking myself. What would you regret that you didn’t get done? Who do you need to appreciate today?

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