You just made my day

“You just made my day.” That’s what the sales clerk told ME at Walmart today.

It was busy when I was there, and I had to wait to be helped. I could see they were short handed, and my clerk mentioned when she did get to me that someone had called off, and with trying to give people lunch breaks, they were a little harried.

There was no sense in fussing about it, since I’ve been in retail and know the horrors of call offs! So I smiled, produced my own pen to sign the slip when she couldn’t find hers, and generally tried to be patient.

She gave me excellent customer service. I feel bad that I did not notice her name.

When she finished up, I told her I hoped her day got better – and that’s when she said it already had. That I had “made her day by being nice and not being upset.”

What does that say not about customer service, but about customers these days? Makes me shiver.

When have you experienced excellent customer service in spite of less than ideal circumstances?