You have a choice

Photo courtesy of yaili (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of yaili (Creative Commons)

I realized as I was running yesterday, wanting to turn around and go home but knowing I had planned a long run, that I could choose how I faced this run. I could either whine and complain through the whole thing, or I could just get busy and put in my miles. I could choose to be Wimpy Woman or Wonder Woman.

I chose Wonder Woman and finished my 10 miles.

Was it hard? Yes. Was it fun? Not always. But I was glad that I did it, and proud of my effort.

Every day is like that. You and only you get to choose how you will respond to what comes your way.

It’s been tough at work the last couple of weeks because it’s been busy and not everything has gone right. I admit I have sunk into a definite funk several days, and struggled to accomplish what I needed to. Unfortunately, I didn’t choose to be positive, and it affected my mood tremendously.

This week will be different. The work is actually harder, with more to accomplish and tighter deadlines. But I am choosing to have a better attitude, do the best that I can under the circumstances, and roll with the punches. I may not get it all done, but I’m not going to let it get me down.

What about you? How will you choose to approach this week?