Working out around the weather

snow1I have never been a big fan of winter (especially the 9 years I spent in Cleveland, OH!), and I have to admit, I’m ready for spring weather.

Workouts this week have been a challenge, mostly because of the wacky weather we’ve been having.

Headed out to walk last Sunday, and the rain started, so veered off to the gym and the treadmill. I did discover that there’s a little ledge on the treadmill on which my Kindle fits perfectly, so I can read and walk and pass the time quickly. I am actually looking forward to my cross training walk this morning.

Earlier this week, we had temps in the 70’s, making for a nice run in a t-shirt, but which also led to tornadoes, and then a cold front which led to snow. Twice, and another warning this morning.

Middle Tennessee does not handle snow very well, and this weekend was no exception. I saw in the paper that there were something like 64 wrecks Saturday morning when it snowed and got icy. Yikes.

The result of the wacky weather this week has been a less than optimum training schedule. I had to do a longer run Monday instead of Tuesday because of the rain that was forecast, and then Saturday, I had to cut my long run shorter because it started snowing so hard.

This journey is teaching me flexibility. I used to run the same distance, the same route at the same time every morning. One of the benefits of my training now, which includes running different distances, and adding weights and cross training, is that I’m getting stronger. I can feel a difference in everyday things that I do, and my longer runs (when they don’t get cut short by snow) are feeling better.

Variety is the spice of life, right? I am learning that change is a benefit and that will continue after my race.

What can you do differently to improve your life?

I am running in the Country Music Marathon on April 27 with Team First Pres Franklin and Team World Vision to raise money for clean water in Haiti. Please consider supporting my efforts. Click here to donate. Thank you for your prayers and support.