Wind Dance

We live in such a connected world – we can be reached anywhere, anytime.

And for some of us, it can cause huge withdrawals to even suggest that the blackberry or laptop be turned off or disregarded!

One of my 3 words of focus this year is CONNECT (click here to read more), but I’ve realized that I need to look at both sides of that word. To DISCONNECT may be even more important to being productive.

This long holiday weekend, I have made a conscious effort NOT to check my work email, and to focus on reading and enjoying quiet time for me. Time spent at the pool watching the clouds dance on the wind. Long runs on peaceful mornings with little traffic. Intentional lack of structure to the days. Time for reflection and worship.

One of the books I have studied lately is The Leadership Ellipse by Robert A. Fryling, who advocates the practice of sabbath rest, which he says is “a significant step for experiencing contentment.” And he is right – when I am following my workaholic tendencies, I am too focused on the next task to even consider contentment.

While I cannot say I completely disconnected this weekend, I do feel more refreshed and ready to face the week.

In what ways do you disconnect and how does that prepare you to handle more?

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