Why do I put things off?

Photo courtesy of Thomas Hawk (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Thomas Hawk (Creative Commons)

Weeks ago I noticed some little dark spots on my cream-colored carpet. I made a note on my task list to take care of them. Every day doing yoga, I saw those spots and thought again – I need to get those out. But I had all sorts of excuses why now was not the time.

It will take too long so I’ll do it later. I’ll do it after work. I’ll do it this weekend. I’ll do it – when?

This morning, I decided to just get the spray and a towel and spend whatever time I needed to get those spots out once and for all. I think I was busy for maybe 3 minutes? That is all. Done.

Now I can check that off my list and feel better because I’m not beating myself up for not taking getting it done.

It’s like constantly seeing the red traffic light instead of the green.

There are so many things like that on my list, and I constantly bump up against them. There are the emails that I put aside to answer later and fret every time I see them but don’t stop and answer until the inbox fills up.

There are errands I put off, calls I don’t make, projects I don’t start – all because they seem like too much trouble or too time consuming at the time.

Leaving all that hanging just increases the noise in my head and leaves me in a constant state of being overwhelmed by all I have to do. When each of those tasks build up in my head, it becomes insurmountable.

So I need to make the decision to do it or leave it. Either block out time to take care of it now (or in the next few days) or put it on a someday/maybe list and let go of it. Action. Simple as that.

Nothing but green lights now!

What is on your list that you need to just get done?