Who are your teachers?

Photo courtesy cybrarian77 (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy cybrarian77 (Creative Commons)

I’ve noticed lately that some of my best teachers aren’t labeled as such. They aren’t in a classroom, or leading a webinar, or giving assignments.

They likely have no idea they are teachers, and might even resent the fact if they realized. Others would be embarrassed and profess they were just being themselves, not giving lessons.

Some of my best teachers appear unexpectedly. It is the customer going off on the poor cashier because the wrong price was charged or something took too long. Instead of calmly seeking resolution, they seem to think that shouting and making a scene is the best way to accomplish their goals and get their way.

Another teacher is the person who complains about everything from their spouse to their health condition to everyone around them, not realizing how many blessings they actually have.

Then there’s the person who thinks of no one but themselves, and is only concerned with what they are doing, never seeing the needs or concerns of the people around them.

These teachers provide a wealth of knowledge by demonstrating what not to do and how not to act.

Don’t get me wrong, there are also many teachers in my life who I want to emulate. They are the ones who stay positive no matter what they are going through or suffering, and constantly seek ways to help or pray for others.

The ones who stay calm even in the face of troubles, or quiet when everyone else is shouting to be heard are worth listening to. And what about the leaders who are not afraid to do whatever it takes to bring the team together, even if that means getting down in the muck before everyone else?

What kind of teacher are you?