Who are you listening to?

Photo courtesy of Enokson (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Enokson (Creative Commons)

One thing I am slow to realize is that I may not always listen to the right voices.

It might be the voices in my head – you know the ones – the negative, critical ones that are telling me I’m not worth it or ready or capable. It might be real voices from people around me who tell me things that I need to focus on that might not be the best things to pay attention to because they don’t understand my priorities or they speak out of self-preservation. Voices can also come in the form of books or podcasts with ideas that get me distracted.

No matter where they come from, they represent noise – and mask the real voices I need to pay attention to. How many times have I changed my plans or my focus because I heard things that made me question my goals and abilities? I’ve gotten myself off-balance because I listened to the wrong voices.

The important thing is to stay pointed at my mission, and make sure that I’m working toward that. When I filter things through my mission, the wrong voices because easier to ignore.

Surrounding myself with people who are supportive and positive also dilutes those messages of negativity and fear. The inside voice that keeps repeating that I’m not capable or worthy fades when I have louder voices telling me that I’m strong and can do what needs to be done.

What voices are you listening to?