Where do you find peace?

sunrise2My internet service at home has been glitchy lately, and in fact is not up yet this morning. So I’m posting this from my Blackberry – not ideal. My initial reaction was annoyance and frustration, but it makes me realize once again how overly connected I am.

I need to take a step back and find a better balance between my actual and virtual worlds, work and downtime, noise and silence.

Near the end of a longish run a couple of days ago, when my mind was battling the urge to stop, the thoughts of all I needed to do that day, etc. etc., I saw this gorgeous sunrise.

It made me stop and soak it in a for a minute, thanking God for such beauty.

It quieted the noise in my head as I finished the run and tackled my day.

May we both find some peace and beauty in the busyness of today.

4 thoughts on “Where do you find peace?

  1. I try to find peace in everything, but sometimes the chaos of life causes me to react in a same manner. Peace is in our heart and mind. The trick is being able to tap into it no matter the outer world’s environment.

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