Where do you find calm?

coffee and candleIf you are like me, your life is out of control busy. Am I right?

It seems like there’s never any downtime, even a break is spent planning the next task, catching up on email or social media, or returning phone calls. Feels like I go full speed ahead until it’s time to collapse in bed at night.

No matter how well I plan my day, it still seems that there’s no quiet time. What I have discovered is that I must build the quiet time into the day intentionally.

One thing I discovered about a year ago is that because I’m so much more productive and clear-headed in the mornings, it helps me to get up early and use that time effectively. I set the timer on the coffeemaker so it’s ready when I get up, light a lavender candle that is calming, and spend the first half hour or more of my day in devotions and prayer.

That is my favorite part of the entire day. No matter what is going on in my life, I feel hope wash over me.

Writing is next, when it’s still quiet and peaceful. That can sometimes get my brain going, so the next best part of my day is my run – especially on Sundays. I enjoy the solitude of the early morning, when traffic is light, it’s dark or the sun is just coming up, and hardly anyone else is out.

I don’t play music, but listen to the birds singing and the rhythm of my footsteps and breath.

It calms the ruckus that is in my mind.

I pray, ponder, and on occasion, have great clarity of ideas. Siri is my friend on those days, and I use my iPhone to record the ideas as I continue.

Somehow the rest of the day is bearable once I’ve had my quiet time. Seems strange that such exertion brings such pleasure and calm, but I think that the physical effort somehow allows my brain to let go for a little while. Instead of having to plan and process, it can just let my body do the work.

In the midst of your busyness, how do you find calm?


4 thoughts on “Where do you find calm?

  1. Carol, your posts are always so timely. It’s like you are reading my mind. I have to say I’m the opposite. I’m a night owl, so my calm time is late at night when the sounds of my little ones have been put at rest for the night. I know I need to spend more time in deeper prayer, rather than try to figure things out on my own. Thank you for being a great inspiration, as always.

    • Thank you Lily – I am always amazed when God puts the right message in front of me just when I need it. But then again, why am I surprised? Anyway, hope you can find your calm and solitude.

  2. *reminder* Start setting the coffee on automatic before you go to sleep at night. It just makes things go so much better to not have ‘work’ to do before your calm time.

    • So true Stan. Makes getting up that early a little easier if the coffee already smells good!

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