Where are your priorities?

It is with such sadness that I’ve watched the pictures of the devastation in Oklahoma. So many have lost so much in an instant.

I saw an interview with a woman who was telling about her experience, and I’m sure you’ve seen it too. She relates how she was sitting on a stool in the bathroom holding her dog and suddenly she felt the stool come up off the ground and she ended up on the ground in the rubble. “It was there and it was gone,” she said.

As she is talking, someone notices her dog under the rubble and they are able to pull him out. She stands there patting him saying, “I thought God just answered one prayer to let me be ok, but He answered both of them.”

Those were her only two prayers. It puts things in perspective that this woman who had just lost her home and all of her belongings, cared only that she and her dog were ok.

What would I do in that situation? How would I respond?

It is so easy to get caught up in material things and lose focus on the more important things like family, friends and your faith. We’re caught up in the race to keep up with the latest technology, the brand name clothes, the big house or car. But does any of that really matter?

I’ve been in a process of decluttering lately, both my belongings and my mind. As I re-evaluate my priorities and goals, this serves as a powerful reminder that I need to nurture those parts of my life that mean the most. I need to be intentional about connecting with the people in my life and with my God. The belongings don’t matter so much.

I pray God’s peace on these families that have been so shattered. And I pray that we each re-evaluate what is important in our own lives and make better decisions on where to place our focus.

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