When routine is refreshing

Photo courtesy of downing.amanda (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of downing.amanda (Creative Commons)

Do you ever look forward to routines?

It’s nice to have a change of pace now and then, like when you have a day off, or a special training day or a vacation. I think switching gears can help freshen your outlook on life and helps you soak in knowledge or allows you to rest and recharge your mental batteries.

But after a nightmarishly busy last few weeks, I have realized that I am looking forward to this week of normal, everyday routines. My life has been nonstop movement and commitments lately, from helping my mom move from out-of-town, to meetings and training sessions at church, to special events and presentations at work, to running my first half marathon (in the rain!).

Yesterday afternoon, doing laundry and paying bills felt like a relief in a strange way. And this morning, after 4 months of training, I will be running just because I want to and it feels good.

The highlight of my day today will be sitting on the porch reading or just dreaming this evening after work.

I know there is all sorts of advice about saying no, and not overextending, and finding a balance in your work and rest – but sadly, the over commitment of the last few weeks was primarily a perfect storm of events that all hit at once. What is good is that several long-term obligations are now completed, and several of the events were one-time.

Going forward, I will definitely be looking at new opportunities with a wary eye, but in the meantime, I will enjoy getting back to my regular schedule and my predictable life. And scheduling a day off here and there to unhook and sit on the porch or by the pool!

How do you find a balance in your life?

4 thoughts on “When routine is refreshing

    • Thanks Joel. I’ll have to look into the Oak Barrel Half. Thanks for the heads up!

  1. Haha, it is funny that you and I posted about polar opposite topics! There is definitely something nice and appreciated about a routine…but I think you gotta break the routine at times too 🙂 Enjoy reading tonight!

    • You are so right. Too much routine is unhealthy, just like too much change can be unsettling. I do look forward to reading tonight!

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