What will you START today?

start bookFear is a sneaky thing. It can make you think you aren’t good enough, aren’t smart enough and aren’t brave enough to reach your goals or accomplish your dreams. And just when you start to make progress, it will whisper to you and make you veer off your path onto the road to average instead of awesome.

That’s the idea behind Jon Acuff’s new book, START, which releases today. And what an eye-opener it is!

As I read, I see myself in his examples, and realize that I have let fear take my hand and guide me down that average path too many times.

START is helping me recognize Fear, and encouraging me to “Punch Fear in the Face”!

Jon describes the stages that one typically goes through on “The Road to Awesome” as Learning, Editing, Mastering, Harvesting and Guiding. But the kicker is that it is easy to slide through these steps on the way to average as well.

The difference? Following your dreams. Not listening to the voices (whether from real people or just those nagging voices in your head) that tell you things like “you aren’t good enough” or “who are you to do that?” or “it’s more safe and secure to do this instead of following your dreams.” Those voices belong to Fear, and those voices are what you silence when you START.

In college, I had plans to be a writer, but sadly, I listened to the voices that told me I wasn’t very good and wouldn’t (or couldn’t) make a living that way. But last year, I rediscovered that writing is my passion, and I started this blog. Now I’m certainly not close to writing a bestseller, or quitting my day job to write, but I am traveling on a different road than I was because I STARTED.

What dreams have you been ignoring? What voices of fear have you been listening to? How will your life be different when you START?

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    • The book is really good – lots of good advice. Thanks for your kind words.

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