What makes you smile?

rosesI have discovered there are some little things that brighten my life and make me smile.

Things like a small arrangement of flowers ($4 at my local grocery). Having supper on the good china. A cup of hot tea on a cold day. Snuggling with the one you love.

Hardly significant in the big scheme of things, but necessary just the same. They can can make a difficult day a little better. And they are things you can do for yourself, instead of waiting on someone else to do.

There is so much stress and unpleasantness in life, it’s important to do little things that bring happiness.

So what small thing can you do today that will make you smile?

4 thoughts on “What makes you smile?

  1. Believe it or not, Monday’s make me smile. I love the weekends (don’t get me wrong), but I also appreciate the routine of Monday.

    (By the way, I access your blog through a reader (Feedly). Is there anyway you can enable your blog to be fully viewable in the reader? Right now, I only see the first sentence or two. I know I would read and respond to your blog a lot more if it was fully viewable in Feedly. Just a thought. Thanks.)

    • Jon I don’t hear many people who say Monday’s make them smile but I totally understand the idea of routine – there is a certain satisfaction in knowing what needs to be done when and making progress through the day. And thanks for letting me know about the issue in Feedly – I think i changed the right setting so you should be seeing the full text now. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Carol, this post reminds me of Gretchen Rubin’s 2 books – The Happiness Project and Happier At Home. She talks about purposely doing things in life to increase one’s happiness. For me, the color blue, a knitting break, dark chocolate with black coffee, visiting with my cat, and decluttering or organizing something are a way to daily add a touch of happiness to my life.

    • Jana – thank you very much for the mention of Gretchen Rubin – I had forgotten about her book and need to go back and read it again. As I write this, my cat is snuggled in my lap, so I agree with your “happy’s”!

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