What is your focus?

Photo courtesy of Focus On Your Ability (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Focus On Your Ability (Creative Commons)

Do you have specific goals? Do you have a mission?

I ask this because I have realized once again that I do not know my mission – not exactly. I have always struggled with the idea of goals and vision. Case in point – I am in my third career. And I still don’t know what I want to “be when I grow up.”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m great at short-term goals – put a challenge in front of me and I’m there:

  • Create a plan for X.
  • Hit this target sales goal.
  • Implement this strategy.

It’s the looking out into the distance and future that is difficult for me, especially on a personal level. Pinpointing what it is that makes me feel successful in the long-term, and deciding what my purpose is – well, that eludes me.

And because I don’t have a clear vision of my purpose here, I end up taking on a lot of responsibilities and participating in many activities that in the end don’t lead to fulfillment. They leave me feeling restless and looking for more activities – which leads to a sense of being overwhelmed.

I have landed on the fact that my mission is to “impact people.” But that is rather vague. There are things I am doing that accomplish that vision, but I’m not on a specific path with that ultimate goal in mind.

What does it mean to “impact people”? I guess I want to create positive experiences for them. There is so much negative in the world today, that it is refreshing when you stumble on something positive. I want to be a part of making that happen for people.

And honestly, I need to focus on my ability to impact one person at a time. Perhaps someone will glean insight from something I have written in my blog. Maybe someone I encounter at work will be able to do their job better due to my efforts behind the scenes.

As I facilitate matches between buddies and runners at I Run 4, my hope is always that they will develop an encouraging and supportive relationship that will last a long time.

All these things make me feel satisfied and content. I am happiest when I get to see the results of my actions. I need to stay focused on finding activities and work that provide those opportunities.

So maybe my mission is to “Create positive experiences for people through my work and writing in order to inspire, encourage and uplift.”

Now what? As I am working through this process, I’m realizing that all of my choices, including my work, commitments, and even how I choose to spend my weekends, need to be channeled through that mission. I need to examine all my activities and obligations to see if they fit into my mission. Those that do not need to be phased out.

Going forward, I need to seek new commitments that are a part of fulfilling that mission.

What is your mission and do your activities reflect it?