What is my excuse today?

Photo courtesy of vandys (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of vandys (Creative Commons)

I’m tired so maybe I’ll wait to pay those bills tomorrow. It’s cold or hot or raining, so I guess I can’t run today. I have to finish this before I can do that planning, and oh, look, I ran out of time.

The day can be filled with excuses. It’s very easy to get so wrapped up in the tedium and the drudgery that you just never get to the things that might make your job or your life more meaningful.

I know for me, it’s sometimes easier to just crank through the mind-numbing busy-work rather than actually spend mental energy planning a project or figuring out a better way to do something. But at the end of the day, I’m not doing myself any favors when I think that way.

Instead, I need to banish excuses, and break out of that routine. Instead of jumping right in to the busy-work, spend an hour or two working on that plan. Instead of wasting time coming up with a reason NOT to exercise, what if I just get out there and run – or go to the gym?

When I do just get busy instead of finding an excuse, I end up feeling energized. For instance, I move emails that I need to read or spend time with into an “Action Needed” folder to review later on. I know you see this coming – what happens, then, is that frequently, by the time I’ve finished clearing the other email, and doing all the other things that seem to crop up, I make an excuse like my mind is tired or I don’t have the energy now to go back and review those emails. So suddenly, I have so many in there that it becomes overwhelming to even think about it, and I delay even more.

So recently, I decided to step over those excuses and go through those emails. What a freeing experience! Not only did I take care of some critical things that would have been disastrous left undone, but I got it back under control and now the excuses will be easier to ignore – since it won’t take much time going forward to stay on top of it.

Same with exercising – if you do it regularly, it’s not so hard and your feel those endorphins. When you skip a lot of days, it feels difficult, and you get sore and that makes you not want to do it again. So I get out there and run.

What excuses will you step over?

3 thoughts on “What is my excuse today?

  1. Thanks for the post Carol! I’m a runner but been in kind of a slump recently. This morning I decided I’d better just get out and do it or else the effects of the past 2 years of hard work and training were going to keep slipping away until I was back at ground zero! So I woke up early and went out even before my coffee, before I could make ANY excuses, and did a couple miles. It wasn’t my longest run, or my quickest, but I sure think it was one of the most important. Today was the day that I could’ve thrown it away or picked it back up. Glad I got back out the door….before my excuses had a chance to wake up, LOL!

    • Awesome! Good for you! I bet your whole day will be better now. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I was going to wait to leave a comment, but you took all my excuses away! 🙂

    I struggle with this sometimes, but usually it is because I have put too much on my plate, and then can’t decide which I should tackle first! I have to force myself to choose one and try to focus on it.

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