What if your life turned upside down? Are you prepared?

I came home yesterday to this scene of fire trucks and emergency vehicles packed in my apartment’s parking lot. There were so many, I couldn’t even count them!

My heart stopped for a second until I realized they were concentrated at the next building down from mine. I asked someone what had happened, and it was a fire that started in someone’s fireplace, and probably two families will need new homes.

Not sure if they lost everything or just had some damage, but that really made me think. What if my apartment had been affected? I have important papers in a safe deposit box, and a grab-and-go bag with copies of important paperwork, emergency supplies, medicines and a little cash, so if I was home and something happened, I ‘d be ready. But if I hadn’t been home – what then? And if smoke alarms were going off, then my cats would be hiding under furniture and nearly impossible to corral into their carriers.

And would I be able to start over? That’s a tough question. Would you?

At work, I see people in desperate situations every day. I work at a nonprofit that helps people in need with basic needs like food, clothing, financial help with rent or utilities, gasoline or medicines. There are so many desperate stories, and the scary part is that any of us could be there.

You hear warnings about having emergency plans and food supplies, but are any of us really ready for an emergency? What if a loved one had a catastrophic illness? What if you lost your job? What if you had a debilitating accident?

I guess I don’t have any answers today – just more questions. These are things we all need to consider.

What would you do if your life turned upside down?


5 thoughts on “What if your life turned upside down? Are you prepared?

  1. I used to live in the building just to the left of the firetrucks.

    No I am not prepared for that and have no intention of being. To do so is to live a life of fear. My life could turn upside down in 1,000,000 (or more) different ways.

    I do what I can to make sure my family is good (as of this writing I am worth slightly more dead than alive haha), but otherwise…no planning for the worst.

    • I had no idea you lived in that complex – I might be in your old apartment! I’m not suggesting living in fear, just taking some precautions like having savings, insurance or maybe a couple of go-to people if something were to go terribly wrong. Thinking of coming home to a damaged apartment just kind of hit home how hard it would be to start over.

  2. I agree with Matt. I do my best to not worry. My life has been turned upside-down a few times and I just do my best to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

    • Glad you landed on your feet! I guess I’m not advocating worrying, but at least having thought through some contingencies and networks so the “upside down” isn’t quite so scary. Thanks for commenting.

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