What do you make time for?

Photo courtesy of Brian Indrelunas

Photo courtesy of Brian Indrelunas (Creative Commons)

If you did an inventory of how you spend your time during a normal week, would you be satisfied?

I don’t think I would be. I spend more time than I should checking email. I sometimes turn on the tv and just zone out watching reruns of Criminal Minds or Leverage. I sit idly in traffic listening to country music radio on the way to do errands or back and forth to work.

I basically waste time by letting it be spent on things like that. By not being intentional and making time for the things that are important, I’m letting time slip away.

I want to know that I am spending my time impacting and enjoying others and learning to be a better person. That’s what I want to make time for.

So what if instead of listening to the radio, I listened to a podcast or audio book in the car? How much more valuable would that time be in my personal development? Or I could use the time to call and touch base with a friend.

By setting up filters, rules and shortcuts, I can spend less time getting through all the unimportant emails quickly, so I can spend quality time on those that matter. Instead of letting time seep away browsing social media or watching TV indefinitely, I could set a time or alert so that after a certain amount of time, I can stop that and get back to more productive or satisfying activities.

Wasting less time means I can focus more on my volunteer work, my writing, and connecting at a deeper level with friends.

I have had too many days lately which end with me not even knowing what I did all day, or feeling like the day was a waste because I did not accomplish any of the things I set out to accomplish. More often than not I feel completely overwhelmed at the end of the day, and unsatisfied with the value of the things that I did.

Being more intentional with my calendar, my plans and my time may seem tedious, but at the end of the day, I want to know I made a difference. And the only way I know to make a difference it to make time for it!