What do you keep?

cardsWhere does all this stuff come from?

I’ve been decluttering at home lately. I dread trying to file something because I can hardly get anything else in any of the drawers without a struggle, so I spent a morning going through old files. I discovered that the reason my file drawers were so packed is because I have kept way more than I should have!

I started with the several extra years of tax returns that I didn’t need to have, including envelopes full of the prescription info that I wasn’t able to claim on my taxes. Not sure why I thought it was important to save that, but there it was – stuffed in the file drawer.

Along the way, I also uncovered some great information from seminars and classes that I’ve attended. Now that is something I’m glad I kept. I relabeled it so it is easier to find and reference, and I need to be sure and refer to that material often so I can keep growing and learning.

Before long, the files were loose and relevant – I can file easily and see what is important.

I moved on to my box of cards and letters, thinking that would be an easy thing to clear out. The top sits propped on top of the stuff inside, so my goal was to easily thin that out so I can close the box.

Boy was I wrong about it being easy.

I ended up having a good cry while reliving some incredible memories, and remembering some awesome people who have been and are in my life. In addition to the birthday and Christmas cards with sweet messages, there were the sympathy cards, letters from my late grandmother, messages from friends I’ve lost touch with, and loving notes from my mom. All reminded me of poignant points in my life, and all made me feel so blessed.

I am so thankful that I have kept those cards and letters – and really only rearranged the way they were in the box to be able to get the lid to stay on. I obviously don’t look in that box much at all – usually I just tuck something in there when it comes in the mail. Now I see that it is a huge dose of happiness in the form of rekindled memories of both events and people.

Often the treasures get lost in all the other “stuff” and are forgotten. I’m happy that things are more streamlined and organized, so I can see and touch the things that mean so much to me.

Whether it is the notes from inspirational speakers at seminars, or the sweet comments of a dear friend in a letter, what a way to lift up a bad mood or redirect a sour day.

What treasures do you keep and cherish? 

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  1. We’ve slowly been going through things as well. We’ve accumulated way too much! We’ve thrown away at least a dozen trash bags full. We’re going to have a garage sale in a month or two. Like you, we’re not sure why we thought they were good to keep.

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