What are you savoring?

farmSummer is slowly slipping away, and autumn is whispering its hellos. I noticed this morning for the first time in a long time that I could see the stars when I began my run – Orion high in the east sky, there with the little sliver of moon that slowly faded as the sky lightened.

I am savoring my runs these days for more reasons than just that I can still run in shorts and a t-shirt without having to add-on layers. I enjoy running in the shroud of darkness, but right now, I also get the double treat of starting out in the dark yet seeing God’s glory as He splashes colors across the sky as the sun rises. I love rounding one particular corner and having my breath taken away with the sheer beauty laid out above me.

There’s a stretch of road that is my favorite part of the run, still undeveloped, quiet, smells good, and I see all kinds of wildlife there – deer, possums, armadillos, foxes, even a bobcat once. In part of it, there’s an old barn, and it looks like what you see out in the country on a trip to the beach.

I saw an article in the paper last week that was applauding the new development just announced for that last undeveloped parcel of land – touting the millions of square feet of office space and retail, the hundreds of hotel rooms, the thousands of jobs that will be created.

It made me sad. I will miss that little stretch of “wilderness” in a sea of concrete and buildings.

I know I can’t stop change, any more than I can stop those bulldozers, so I will just relish the quiet while I can, and enjoy the sightings of wildlife.

I need to savor more in my life. Instead of constantly being busy and pulled in so many directions, multi-tasking, and always looking toward “that” in the future – I need to be more mindful of what is happening right now.

I need to be present.

My present may not be perfect, and it may not be my dream, but it is leading me to my dream. It is making me who I am. I must cherish the interactions, relationships and experiences that are happening now. Otherwise, what else is there?

I think PRESENT may be one of my three focus words for 2014. A reminder to slow down and savor.

How can you be PRESENT today?