What are you avoiding because of Fear?

Photo courtesy of Live Life Happy (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Live Life Happy (Creative Commons)

Do you let Fear stop you from stepping out of your comfort zone? Do you listen to his whisper (or shout in some cases) and back away from experiences that might be terrifyingly incredible? Does Fear encourage you put up walls and not allow yourself to get close to people because you might get hurt?

It’s easy to get caught up in the lies that Fear is telling you. I’ve known people who are so unhappy because they believe Fear – they make comments like “I don’t see how you did that,”  “what if it doesn’t work out?” or “I would be too afraid to do (fill in the blank).”

Just think what you are missing when you listen to Fear!

Some of my most satisfying experiences came because I decided to kick Fear in the face and tell him to leave me alone. I have dear friends who became close only when I tore down the walls that Fear had told me to build.

What I find is that when I bump against possibilities or ideas that make me uncomfortable – when I feel that tug of negativity, almost like someone grabbing my shirt and pulling me back a little – that’s when I need to lunge forward. Instead of giving into the idea that I can’t do something, that I might get hurt, or that I might fail, I want to ignore that voice of Fear and jump into whatever it is with both feet.

And yes, I might not be able to do it. I might get hurt. I might even fail. Spectacularly.

But I will have learned, loved, and grown into a better person, and I’ll be able to face the next challenge even better.

What is Fear telling you to avoid that you need to jump into?