Weeding it out

Photo courtesy of Pat Kight (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Pat Kight (Creative Commons)

The other day, someone made a comment in an email that I’m sure was meant with good intentions, but I guess I took it wrong, and I spent more time than I needed obsessing over it. It seemed snarky, and rude, and I debated how to respond.

As it turned out, I finally decided not to respond. I let it go and everything was fine. But I have seen these kinds of things escalate when one party or the other questions the comment, and it gets blown all out of proportion.

With the number of interactions most people have daily, in person and especially online, it’s easy to run across the occasional remark that sets you off. The trick is to recognize that most need to just be tossed away and disregarded.

It’s like in the flower garden – you don’t obsess over where the weeds came from, what you did wrong that allowed them to grow, how you must have let things slide because there are so many – you just get busy pulling them up and throwing them away.

Same with those off beat statements. You know the things you need to pay attention to, who you need to listen to, and what conversations matter. All those other comments are extraneous.

Pull the extraneous ones up and throw them away.

4 thoughts on “Weeding it out

  1. I like the way you framed the topic as weeds in the garden. I have observed numerous email disasters that started with a misperception or reading something into the words that wasn’t really there.

    People may not hear what we think we said. Clarity and simplicity rule the day on email. But, I agree with you, when in doubt…let it go.

    • Thank you Beverly – good point that people don’t hear what we think we said – I’ve been noticing that happen more often lately – I think we forget that things have different meanings depending on our experiences. Might be another blog in there…

  2. Wise words indeed, Carol! Thank you for sharing this insight.

    You undoubtedly saved yourself soooo much energy by just tossing it instead of mulling over it.

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