Walk the building

Photo courtesy of Thomas Hawk (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Thomas Hawk (Creative Commons)

What do you do when you’ve been knee deep in a project, especially a project that involves intense thought or computer work? How do you clear your head?

I’ve been doing something that my supervisor actually suggested and it works wonders. I walk the building.

What I have discovered is that not only does it change my focus from the computer screen, but it helps me reset my thinking. I take a pad of paper with me, and so far every time I have done this, I have come back with several pages of notes – not necessarily about the project I was working on, but other things that I see that I would have never noticed before.

I work at a nonprofit in a warehouse-type space, so it might be a section of shelving that needs to be straightened. Or a process we need to look at to improve. I might bump into one of my staff who I’ve been meaning to ask about something – or who have been trying to catch me to check on an issue.

So far, it has proven to be very productive time with the added bonus of actually clearing my head to go back and finish whatever project I was working on to begin with.

I might need to add walking the building to my schedule each day. Who knows what I might accomplish?