Waiting well

Photo courtesy of Robert Gourley (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Robert Gourley (Creative Commons)

I spent a good bit of yesterday waiting.

I drove my mom to the eye doctor and waited for her appointment to be completed, then there was traffic. Later I took one of my cats to the vet for yearly shots and had to wait over an hour just to be seen. That was altogether several hours of waiting, and I don’t typically wait very well.

It got me to thinking about how much we wait for in life, whether it’s physical waiting in line or traffic, or to find the perfect job, heal from injury or illness, or pursue your dream.

Instead of just wasting that time while you are waiting, are you able to use it for good?

Yesterday I cleared out my email, worked on a project on my Kindle and caught up on correspondence while I sat in those waiting rooms. I put productivity in my way by having things in mind to do ahead of time.

What about while you’re waiting for that perfect job? You can study and learn what you need to in order to excel, as well as network and get experience that will help you.

If you have a dream that seems impossible, you can lay the groundwork for success by getting finances in order or the pieces in place so that when the time is right, you are ready to reach out for that dream.

There are things I feel like I’ve been waiting for such a long time, but I believe that often, it’s because I’m not ready. God is preparing me for the challenge or the blessing, and there are still things I need to learn. And probably, I’m not doing the things that I need to in order to be ready.

As I refine my dreams and my goals, I’m looking to use that waiting time better. No sense getting frustrated about it, if I look to get the most out of the experiences no matter what.

So I’m learning to wait well. How do you use your waiting time well?  

4 thoughts on “Waiting well

  1. What a wonderful post, Carol!!! I can totally relate to the waiting. I’ve had to wait many times for very important things to happen. I’ve learned that no matter how much I pray, pout, beg, plead… they are going to happen in God’s time. I like the analogy from the movie “Facing the Giants”, God will send rain, it’s your job to prepare the soil to receive it.

    • Thank you Lily for your kind words. It’s a hard lesson to learn isn’t it? But with prayer, it does happen. Love thinking of preparing the soil. thanks for that visual.

    • Thanks – I definitely have my work cut out for me – but awareness and planning is a good way to start!

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