Wait for it

Photo courtesy of mat_n (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of mat_n (Creative Commons)

I am not a patient person.

I often create more work for myself because I don’t wait on the computer to process, and start clicking things and get ahead of it – you do it too, don’t you? Before you know it, you’ve ended up on the wrong screen because you clicked before the mouse was in the right spot and poof, it took you away from where you wanted to be and you have to navigate back to the correct screen.

Last year, I pulled a hamstring running, and it took months to heal because I wasn’t patient enough to stay off of it. Instead, I kept attempting to run and ended up making it worse.

Relationships benefit from time. How many couples have you heard of that met and married within a few weeks, and before long, they are separated. It takes time to get to know someone at a deeper level. You need to be able to share experiences, see each other in different situations, and learn about the other person’s dreams. That doesn’t happen quickly.

On projects and plans, my inclination is to rush forward with it and get it done – that’s the name of the game – finish! But what I’m learning is that things need time to simmer.

I have been working out details this weekend on a new plan for the committee on which I serve at church, and my initial reaction was to get it all down on paper and send it out. But something held me back. Then I had a few more ideas, and realized a couple of other things made more sense a different way. By not rushing it, I think I will have a better proposal to present to the others tomorrow, and it will be easier to get their input and feedback.

But I had to wait for it to come together.

The discipline of waiting is not coming naturally, but I am making myself more conscious of the need to pause and reflect before racing in.

What areas of your life would benefit from a deliberate wait?