Visioning better things

Photo courtesy of Dirk Dallas (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Dirk Dallas (Creative Commons)

I have a couple of situations in my life that aren’t the way I want them to be. Not that they are bad, but I imagine better things for myself.

Getting there will be a bit of a struggle – messy and uncomfortable – mostly because it will involve change, and getting out of the routine and comfort of what it is now.

So I put it off.

And in the meantime, I am restless and fidgety stuck in what is, but not quite brave enough to step into what could be.

What does it take to start that movement from here to that better place?

One thing I am doing is practicing visioning. Like looking through binoculars into the distance, I’m envisioning that place that I want to be, and walking around the situation in my head. I’m picturing myself in the middle, my surroundings, the details, the sights, sounds, smells even. Realizing how much happier I could be in those different circumstances.

By visualizing how much better it will be in that new place, I gain motivation. I receive strength. It makes me more unsatisfied with what is right now, and fuels momentum to shake up the routine to make that change happen.

How could visioning move you to improve things in your own life?