Unseasonably warm

forecastOur high temperature today is expected to be 70 degrees – that’s in early December! Later in the week, we are expecting much colder weather with rain and probably snow or a “wintry mix,” so that makes this warmth even more special.

I wish I could take the day off to sit on my porch and enjoy, but at least I’ve taken advantage by rearranging my running rest day so that I run in the warmth and then will take off the wettest, coldest day. No sense wasting an opportunity to enjoy running in shorts in December!

All it took was to pay a little attention to the forecast. And it made me realize there are other situations in my life that would be improved it I paid attention to the forecast. I bet for you too. What if we look up and out enough to plan better? What kinds of wonderful experiences could we enjoy if we anticipated the opportunities?

I know I get so caught up in the doing and being overwhelmed by today, that I don’t plan even the week ahead. Head down working the grind, I get to the end of the week surprised that it’s the weekend and am newly consumed with all the additional things I need to accomplish at home.

Even though I know how effective it can be to do a weekly review and plan ahead and take stock of my commitments, I rarely take the time to do so, and end up with multiple lists because I write things down on the fly and then don’t combine the lists.

I miss opportunities to connect with people and enrich my life because I’m so caught up in the busyness.

Sound familiar?

I don’t want to suggest that all of life needs to be planned out and scheduled, but I do think there are benefits to building in a regular review time, and to look out at least a week at a time to make better use of the time we do have.

And instead of making grand pronouncements of reorganizing my entire life and being completely in control, I’m going to start small and take baby steps.

Today I will take at least 30 minutes– that’s right, a half hour – to review my task list and look at the rest of my week. That way I can plot of few things on my calendar that are most critical, and start making progress toward seizing opportunities.

As part of that planning, I will schedule a half hour next week to review again. And put that “meeting” on the calendar. By keeping the increments small and manageable, hopefully I can keep that meeting with myself to look over my upcoming commitments, and reduce the surprises.

After a few weeks, it should become more natural and easier to maintain. And by keeping the timeframe short, I will be less likely to ignore it. I know from experience when I schedule a block of several hours for such a review, I am unlikely to feel like I can spare the time and end up disregarding the review altogether.

By looking out even just a little, maybe I can take advantage of more things like this unseasonably warm weather.