Uncommon courtesy

crosswalkI heard the honking behind me as I ran up the street. I turned to see the two girls I had just passed, running across the street in the cross walk. A car had stopped to let them go by.

The honking was from the car behind the one that had stopped, the driver upset over the delay in their commute.

Sadly, the honking driver did not surprise me, but the one who waited did.

I admit that both times someone has stopped and waited for me to cross in the cross walk, I was shocked. Yes, I can count the number of times out of all the hundreds of street crossings because it caught me so off guard!

People are so rushed and inconsiderate these days. We have become a society focused on ourselves. The focus is on getting what “I” need and making sure you know what “I” think. It’s obvious in our interactions with each other and online.

That’s why it makes such a statement when someone serves. When they give instead of take, listen instead of talk.

A simple act such as stopping to allow someone on foot to cross the street really sticks in your memory.

What if we each did one unselfish thing each day? What kind of difference would that make in the lives of those we touch?

It could be something small, like holding the door for someone or helping a neighbor carry in groceries. Maybe you stop checking your email or texting and really listen as your spouse or children tell you about their day. You might message or email a friend simply to see how they are doing – not because you need something from them or want to tell them about your own day.

Looking for opportunities to practice courtesy might just change our perspective from “me” to “you.”