Two Monday questions

Photo courtesy of the_moment (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of the_moment (Creative Commons)

As we prepare to launch into another week of busyness and distraction, I want to ask you two questions.

What favorite thing did you do last week that put a smile on your face?

What do you have planned for this coming week or weekend that you are looking forward to?

Until recently, I would have had difficulty answering those questions, because I tend to end up busy and focused, head down deep in the grind. But one of my three focus words (click here to read more) is DELIGHT, so I’m being more deliberate this year in seeking things that delight me or those around me, and in paying attention enough to recognize unexpected situations that bring happiness.

So I had several favorite things that I did last week. One was attending Start Night, the launch of author Jon Acuff’s new book Start. I am honored to be on his book launch team, and thoroughly enjoyed the event at the historic Franklin Theatre introducing the book.

I also ran 15 miles on Saturday – the most I have ever run, and a few miles closer to being ready for the Country Music Marathon (click here to read more).

For this upcoming week, I have planned a trip to visit my mom, and cannot wait to spend the day with her. It is so easy to keep saying I’ll go visit, but the calendar fills up and there’s not an opportunity. This time, I put my trip on the calendar first, so I’d have to work around it and am truly looking forward to a great day.

Tag, you’re it. What are your answers to the two questions?