Treasuring the silence

Photo courtesy of sgrace (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of sgrace (Creative Commons)

I don’t know about you, but it is rare when I have complete silence. It seems like there is always noise – inside and outside my head.The tv blaring, music playing, people talking, traffic roaring, dogs barking – it seems to always be noisy.

Inside my head there’s noise too – things to do, problems to solve, random ideas for writing, rehashing yesterday’s or last week’s conversations.

It’s hard to think logically and meaningfully when there are so many distractions. When the noise goes on for too long, I start making snap decisions just to have one less thing to deal with, I get cranky and irritable because of the incessant noise, and I don’t always treat people as kindly as I should because even if they weren’t the cause of the noise, they might be the one more thing that sends me over the edge.

It all needs to stop. Quiet everyone!

Recently, I have experienced several periods of silence. They weren’t really planned, but I just started working without turning anything on, and I realized how quiet the apartment was.

Oh, this is nice.

For the first time in a long time, I was able to get some solid writing done, made some realistic and logical plans, and felt at peace.

Again as I was running, I achieved a state of quiet – “moving meditation” is how my friend Kim described it recently, and I realized that was almost what it was. There was a stretch on my run where there was no traffic, and my mind calmed from its frantic pace and I felt peace.

Now that I’ve experienced this silence, I intend to seek opportunities to find it again. I am an early riser, but I often turn on the tv news or start checking email. What if instead of starting the day with the noise, I treasure that silence for a bit.

Before all the commotion of the world around me sets in, I will cushion myself to write, plan and dream. How much more could I accomplish each day if it were to start with clear-headed planning that only the silence allows?

What dreams might you discover without the influence of other “noise”?