Train and trust

Photo courtesy of rama_miguel (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of rama_miguel (Creative Commons)

Can I ask you a personal business question?

What kind of manager are you?

Are you a micromanager? Constantly checking with your staff, monitoring on every little action, dictating how to do pretty much everything they do?

Or are you an empowerer? Do you train your staff and spell out your expectations, then let them do what they do best?

I am working hard to be an empowerer. I have a fantastic team, and there is absolutely no need for me to micromanage them. But I have to admit, the tendency is to constantly check or drop in to make sure things are going well.

My intention is that I can offset any issues and prevent them from dealing with them.

The perception is that I don’t trust my team, and I’m checking in so I can correct any issues.

What an awful message to send to my team!

Now, I am letting them know I am available if they should need me, but that I trust them, and see no reason to come in when I’m not scheduled.

It empowers them to do what they do best, and it allows me to step away and get a break from the pressure. Win win, right?

How do you need to empower and trust your team more?