Today is about solutions

Photo courtesy of Jeff Simms (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Jeff Simms (Creative Commons)

Some days I get so mired up in problems and issues that I can’t see past them. I feel like they are all around me and I can’t see even a hint of resolution. It’s kind of like in Putt-Putt golf where you can’t even see the hole so you feel like you just blindly whack the ball hoping for the best.

The ball rarely goes in when you don’t aim.

When you see the hole and plan your shot so that the ball at least gets near it – you have a better rate of success. Of course in Putt-Putt, you still have the unexpected ridge or bump, but what a difference it makes when you can aim at a goal.

I woke up this morning with the thought “today is about solutions.”

Instead of just blindly whacking at the problems and issues in my day, I’m taking aim to find a better way through them.

Today is about finding ways to manage all the work I have instead of being frustrated because I have too much to do on too many fronts.

Today is about strategizing to delegate instead of complaining that I have no one to help me.

Today is about being proactive instead of reactive.

What solutions can you find today?