Time flies

Photo courtesy of deux-chi (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of deux-chi (Creative Commons)

The other day at work, I happened to look at the clock that was on the wall, and the second-hand was zooming around in circles, causing the minute hand to fly around like some kind of time warp. Time was literally flying by according to that clock!

That’s how my life feels a lot of times, what about yours? On Mondays, I feel like I must have skipped a few days because wasn’t it was just Monday? And how can it be the end of August already? Didn’t the month just start?

Sadly, when I look back at the month, many of the things I had intended or hoped to do and accomplish have not been done, and I can’t even give you a highlights reel of the fun, great, exciting, cool, inspiring, etc. things that I have done.

Not that I didn’t do them, but they are blurred in the mundane everyday things and not captured to be savored.

That needs to change right now.

In June, I started “3 good things” (click here to read more) in which I would stop each day (even have a reminder on my phone) and write down 3 good things about the day. That activity made me think back through my day and filter even those days that feel like they were awful and nothing went right at all. It made me realize that even simple things like seeing a beautiful sunrise, watching the hummingbird at the feeder, or a text from a friend, are good things and should be noticed and enjoyed, not glossed over and forgotten.

I logged my good things all during June, but missed a few days in July. I just checked my log and I have only logged one day in August – and only 2 things that day. Now I KNOW that some good things happened this month, but that log sure doesn’t reflect it. And sadly, that reminder chimes every single day on my phone and I just ignore it.

I will admit that some days are filled with difficult circumstances that are hard to classify as “good.” But usually even in the darkest times, some good emerges. Friendships are rekindled when people gather to mourn a loss. Strengths are realized when there are challenging times. Rainbows do appear in the break after a storm.

So starting today, I will pay attention to that chime on my phone and stop to log 3 good things about my day. I will spend some time planning my day and week so that I have some time to enjoy and appreciate built into my schedule instead of charging full speed ahead and flinging myself from busy work to busy work.

I will take time to savor that sunrise, touch base with friends, and reflect on the good things each day, even the difficult days.