Thriving or just surviving?

Photo courtesy of Michael Dawes (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Michael Dawes (Creative Commons)

Have you had those seasons in your life when you felt like you were just surviving each day? Just getting through the day felt like success, until you could go to bed and then start all over the next day. There was nothing to look forward to and little to get excited about.

The drawback of living that kind of life is that your ideas get muffled, your imagination is shrouded, and your drive fizzles out. Before long, you may even start to feel like a victim, with all the negativity that goes with that. The voices in your head are saying things like you aren’t any good, who were you to think you could succeed, and you’ll never reach your dream.

That’s not a good place to be.

What spark would it take to lift you out of that place?

What is one small step you could take that would change your perspective and start a small flame of excitement burning?

Many times, it takes just one little change to start a big movement. It may seem overwhelming to think about leaping to a new life, but a small step could be the start of that journey.

All it takes is making the decision to take that step. Strike that match that will then light your way. Set one small goal that will move you toward better things.

Go ahead – what are you waiting for?