Thinking outside the box

IMG_0102Do you like to watch clouds and try to figure out what shapes they are making?

One evening I was going for a walk and looked up to see Pooh bear in the clouds!

It’s a great way to let your imagination flow and I find that creativity shows up in other ways when I let my mind go like that.

It is especially productive if there are issues and challenges at work or in other areas of my life. Solutions that are decidedly outside the box tend to present themselves when I’ve opened myself up and am not so uptight in my thinking.

I am realizing I need to be more intentional in that kind of creative thinking instead of stumbling into it. It can be any activity that entices creativity to come out – a daydream, a conversation with a friend, or cloud watching at the pool.

Once you prime your imagination, what kind of innovative solutions will you find?