The wonder of Christmas

Photo courtesy of robryan65 (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of robryan65 (Creative Commons)

Do you ever wish you could see Christmas through a child’s eyes again? The sense of wonder, of anticipation, of pure joy?

I think it’s easy to get caught up in the stress, materialism and worry of the holidays and lose track of what really matters. I have a friend who grits his teeth through the shopping, sloppy family get-togethers and loneliness. Instead of enjoying the season, he just hopes for it to go by quickly and for January to begin.

I wish for better things for my friend. And for all of us.

I want to have that wide-eyed wonder about Christmas like a child. Instead of dread, I want to be filled with happiness. This year, I want to delight in the music, the lights, the expectation. Instead of stressing over whether I’ve purchased the perfect gifts, I want to enjoy the company of friends and family.

And I want to peek at the hope that the Christ child brings. I want to remember what – and who – we are celebrating.

My wish is that you will be filled with hope and peace this Christmas as well.

Merry Christmas.