The sanity of routine

Photo courtesy of whologwhy (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of whologwhy (Creative Commons)

What makes you feel more normal in the midst of change or extreme busyness?

In spite of huge waves of change and turmoil in my life this month, I have discovered that the simple act of showing up each morning for my devotions and writing time start my day with clarity. Following that quiet time with a run on my regular route helps my body maintain a rhythm that keeps me energized no matter what else the day brings.

Both of these actions are habits I’ve had for nearly a year now, so I don’t even have to think much about it. In fact, I suspect the ingrained nature contributes to the comfort of these disciplines.

Your habits might involve a nightly routine, perhaps with your family. One of my friends spends time reading to her children each night, before tucking them in. She considers that the most important part of her day, and even if it is only a short amount of time, she carves out time for that priority. No matter what else happens in her day, that special time keeps her grounded.

Even when your world is turned upside down, it is the little things that keep you grounded. If you have identified and protected those habits, they will kick in and keep you on track regardless of what else is going on in your world.

What keeps you sane when your world is insane?