The new normal

Photo courtesy of BK  - symphony of love (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of BK – symphony of love (Creative Commons)

Ever notice how just when you start to get comfortable with a new routine or situation, it changes?

Although I do recognize the need to keep things fresh and improving, I’m not always right on board with change. Change can be scary and painful. It means more attention and energy spent to do things that before you might not have had to think about much.

Change often leads to better things and more happiness. But mostly, we just dread the hassle of getting used to an alteration in our way of doing something.

In my work at a nonprofit, I manage the client database and consequently I see all of the notes in the client files. Recently, a client came in to receive help after suffering some major health issues and the comment in the notes was that he was “adjusting to the new normal.”

That phrase has haunted me this week. It struck me as so disheartening and sad somehow, and I wonder how often I approach change with that attitude. Instead of embracing change as the potential for better things, I take the negative attitude of suffering through it and “making the best of it.”

What if I accept that change will happen no matter what, and focus on the good things? How much happier will I be if I just embrace the new normal?