The luxury of learning

Photo courtesy of Daehyun Park (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Daehyun Park (Creative Commons)

I love to learn, although not in the going-to-class-with-homework kind of way. My lessons of choice are seminars, webinars, podcasts, blogs and books (or ebooks these days).

No matter what field you are in, it is important to continually learn and stretch your mental boundaries.  I have written this week about avoiding stagnation and keeping things fresh (Read here and here). Learning new things is one of the easiest ways to accomplish that.

While I adore learning from books, there is something compelling about actually hearing someone share information and encouragement. I love to be inspired by a powerful speaker whose points resonate with me long after the applause has ended. There is such value in:

  • Being motivated to be a better person by hearing someone’s story of struggle and survival.
  • Becoming a stronger leader through the learning or relearning of skills such as communication, management, and productivity.
  • Having truths shared that roll and knock around in my mind until I realize how to apply them to my own life and situation.

Today I will be attending a simulcast of the Chick-Fil-A Leadercast, with a diverse range of speakers including Condoleezza Rice, Jack Welch, David Allen, Andy Stanley and Mike Krzyzewski. My mind is ready to be filled to overflowing with knowledge and inspiration.

What are your favorite tools for learning?

4 thoughts on “The luxury of learning

    • Great point Pat – learning from colleagues and friends is truly the best way. And even though I love the energy of webinars and seminars, there’s nothing like being able to revisit a book – love my highlighters!

  1. So excited for you! The Leadercast is awesome! I’ll be following on social media. Would love to hear what you learned!

    • It was awesome, and I totally need to process everything. I had fully intended to tweet but got caught up taking notes!

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