The little things

Photo courtesy of Jamg_94 (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Jamg_94 (Creative Commons)

It is the little things that can be my undoing.

I have been overwhelmed lately with major shifts and concerns in several areas of my life. And I have realized that because my mental power is consumed with thinking through how to handle these changes and ways to resolve the worries, little decisions or issues can send me over the edge, or freeze me in indecision.

For instance, just figuring out what to wear in the morning, what to have for supper, or what to watch on tv (or sometimes whether to even turn the tv on or not) have me wavering for far longer than I need to. I might change clothes 3 or 4 times, wasting precious time, or decide not to even eat because nothing sounds good. Not healthy.

So now that I’ve realized that, I’m taking some steps to counteract that indecision. For instance, I bought the makings of some healthy salads at the grocery, along with a couple of frozen dinners, so the dilemma about what to have for supper is less overwhelming.

Over the weekend, I made sure everything was ironed, and then I took a few moments to plan a few outfits so I can just grab and go each morning. What a huge time and sanity saver that is!

I planned out my week, so that I knew what I needed to accomplish at work, what meetings to prepare for, and what blocks of time were needed for projects. I even put some of that on my calendar to take the pressure off as to what to start and work on during the day.

What a difference it has made in my week! Not only am I more focused on what I need to get done, but I have more positive energy and mental capacity. I’ve written here about how difficult Tuesdays tend to be for me, and I even had a good Tuesday!

The flip side of this is that by taking care of these little things that can cause a day to go wrong, it frees me up to enjoy those little things that definitely make a day go right – like enjoying a beautiful sunrise, a cup of coffee with a friend, or breakfast on the porch. What you overlook when you are stressed out about other things can be the difference-maker in your day.

What little things do you need to take care of so you can have a better day?