The joys of domesticity

Photo courtesy of Rooey202 (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Rooey202 (Creative Commons)

I’m a domestic goddess – at least I was over the weekend. After a week of mental gymnastics, planning, strategizing, figuring out new challenges, dealing with emotional and physical highs and lows, I was spent.

I got up Saturday morning, thinking I’d spend the day laying low – reading, snuggling, perhaps napping – basically recharging myself.

I began the morning with a long run, which started off feeling like I wanted to stop and crawl home, but ended up energizing me. When I got home, I decided to do a few of the “chores” that had been hanging over me on my list forever, just to be able to check something off and then relax.

I got out the ironing board (ironing is one of my least favorite household chores), thinking I’d do it for a little while and stop when I just couldn’t stand it anymore. I put on some music, and got busy. My brain unhooked. Suddenly I realized that I was almost finished with a pretty large stack, and it felt good. My closet was more organized with all that mess put back in its proper place.

Then I tackled my dresser – another tidying nightmare that had been on my list forever. Again, I realized it had not taken long, and it felt great. I was on a roll! Laundry and a little cleaning done and then I felt satisfied.

I guess the lesson I learned is that when I let things go at home, I complicate my life in other ways too. While it seems like all the other obligations, tasks and responsibilities are so much more important, I’m doing myself a disservice if I don’t have the discipline to take care of me too.

I need to respect myself enough to pay attention to even simple things like not letting dishes pile up and making sure the clutter is kept at bay. The sense of dread I get when walking into a mess just sucks out my energy, but what a pleasure it is to walk into my apartment after a long day and be greeted by order – it is re-energizing. And it makes for a better attitude with everything I do.

What domestic chores are you letting slide? How could taking care of those improve your attitude?

One thought on “The joys of domesticity

  1. We always have great intentions of hanging up clothes as soon as the dryer is done so we can minimize, or eliminate, ironing. But, alas, we get in a hurry and the clothes sit. They get tossed into a laundry basket with an invisible “clean” label. Soon, we have several similar baskets. We then resort to ironing on an as-needed basis. It is one that gets put off all the time!

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