The impact of words

3 words 2013Ever notice how when you get a new car, thinking you never see that model or color car anywhere, suddenly it seems like everyone has one? Or you cut your finger, and rapidly you learn just how much you use that hand and that spot on your finger even though you would have been sure you never used it?

Choosing my three focus words each year is like that (read more here). I pick words that resonate with me and they end up being everywhere, like that car. And one of the three typically stands out as the most influential.

Last year, it was CONNECT, when I started out the year being intentional about a few new connections, and ended the year as part of several close-knit communities both in person and online. I am happy to say even today, I am blessed to still be close to these dear friends.

This year, the standout word has been JOURNEY, and what a trip this has been. Because that word has made me more cognizant of not just the destination or goal, but the trip itself with all its messy emotions and experiences, I have made choices and chosen options I would never have considered.  And my life is richer and happier than ever before.

As we near the end of November, about the time when it feels like we get slingshot to the end of the year, I am reviewing my three words for 2013 and considering my focus for 2014. While JOURNEY has been the dominant word of my three, APPRECIATE and DELIGHT have also come into play for me this year. I think the secondary two words have fed my experience of the JOURNEY, sometimes even unconsciously.

Considering my words for the upcoming year is always nerve-wracking because I’ve seen what an impact they have. It is amazing because at first glance, I have no idea, then words just seem to float to the top of mind and settle in comfortably. One I am considering for next year is actually in a song that keeps running in my head.

If you have not thought about choosing three focus words for your year, I invite you to consider it. I am living proof of the impact of that kind of intentionality.

What might your three words be and how could they change your circumstances?