The gift of connecting

Photo courtesy of ttarasiuk (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of ttarasiuk (Creative Commons)

Isn’t it amazing how in the midst of chaos, hearing from a dear friend can make the world stop and everything seem ok, even just for a little while? Whether it’s a hug in person, their sweet voice on the phone, or just the right words in an email or text, it can brighten your day and make the load less imposing.

Some people seem to have a gift of knowing when to reach out to me when I need it the most. Reflecting back, it blows me away that they have that sense of timing.

I need to be that kind of friend myself.

Instead of being always caught up in task lists, projects, and busyness, I want to be more open to noticing and reaching out to the special people around me.

One of my three focus words for this year is APPRECIATE (read more here) but I realize I have been looking at only one interpretation of that word so far. While I have been more vocal in saying thank you to those around me for things they do, I’ve not looked deeper.

Appreciate can also mean understanding or at least being aware of what the other person is going through, whether it is a health worry or a tough decision or even loneliness, and reaching out to let them know you are thinking about and praying for them. It’s not about trying to fix anything, but just the connection that lets them know they aren’t alone.

In our world of super-connectedness and information overload, it means even more when someone stops to remember your situation and takes the time to call or write or visit. And it takes such a short time to have such impact.

Awareness is a start. I already include many special people in my life in my prayers each morning. But I don’t tell them that. What would that look like to reach out to one of them each week? At least it’s a start.

How would that change my perspective? I suspect it will make me more open and mindful of other people in my life, and would quickly become a new habit. Reaching out once a week would suddenly not be enough, and soon it would be several times a week and even daily.

How would that change my life and my attitude if every day I was reaching out to tell someone I’m thinking of them?

How would that kind of connection change your life?

2 thoughts on “The gift of connecting

  1. I think that it would motivate me more (sometimes I need a little more motivation :). I need to work on this more myself. My tendency is to keep to myself, even though I think about people and pray for them.

    • I know what you mean about keeping to yourself – I find myself praying for people but they don’t know that. I might say something when I see them – I’m trying to go that extra step and reach out sooner. Good luck and thanks for stopping by (and reaching out!)

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