The Art of Nondecisions

Photo courtesy of Garrett Coakley (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Garrett Coakley (Creative Commons)

Decision-making can be difficult and draining, especially those that impact other people. When your family or team are involved and affected, it’s even more important to consider each of the options and view the situation from all sides. Balance the good and the bad, the advantages and possible complications, the side effects as well as the collateral damage.

Usually, there is great peace when the right decision is made, and it’s easy to get behind it and support it.

But one thing I have realized lately, is that sometimes not making a decision can be as impactful as the actual decision itself. When you delay action on or ignore the decision facing you, it can be the same as actually making a choice.

You miss the deadline to respond so your decision is made to miss that event or not take the class.

You delay returning a phone call so a decision is made to avoid reconnecting with that friend.

You miss your window of opportunity to work out, so you face another day of inactivity.

Instead of allowing time to shop for healthier food choices to prepare at home, your indecision leads to another night of fast food for your family.

In what situations are you allowing a nondecision to direct you?