Thankful for contrasts

Artwork courtesy of kylesteed (Creative Commons)

Artwork courtesy of kylesteed (Creative Commons)

Winter has definitely come to Middle Tennessee this week, and as I was running into a biting wind, I realized that while I hesitate to say that I am “thankful” for the cold weather, it does make me appreciate the more temperate weather that we have much of the time.

And as we come to Thanksgiving Day and a time of reflection and thankfulness, I recognize that the contrast allows me to savor the sweetness of more pleasant things.

A hilly run makes a flat one seem simple. Being separated from a loved one heightens the delight when you are together. Silence is welcomed after time in a crowd, or conversely, time spent with a group may be a pleasant change if one is too much alone.

While I certainly do not wish for difficult things to happen to me or to others, I am learning to embrace and appreciate both the good and the bad on my journey, to experience all with an open mind and heart, and to be sure to count each of my blessings along the way.

May your journey be filled with blessings.