Taste buds like many things

Photo courtesy of Andrea Nigels (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Andrea Nigels (Creative Commons)

How open are you to change? To trying new things?

I admit I tend to get in a rut – I often eat the same things, listen to the same music (yes, on repeat sometimes), read the same kinds of books, associate with the same kind of people.

But lately – I’ve branched out a bit, and I have discovered that the change is refreshing. Like a friend said, “My taste buds like many things.”

It’s not healthy to get into so much of a routine that you end up stagnant. Whether it’s your ideas, perspective, or experiences, there is great value in trying new things. You may not like everything new that you try, but you certainly won’t know that if you don’t attempt.

Don’t you love going to a new kind of restaurant with new flavors and ways of preparing foods?

Or what about discovering a new musician with a unique sound? That’s probably why shows like The Voice, American Idol, and other competitions are so appealing. Yes, you may have to hear some really awful acts in the process, but there is a great feeling when you hear that new winning music.

Finding a new favorite author holds that same excitement – suddenly you don’t know what to expect from the writing, and you can be wowed by new concepts or ways of stringing words together.

Have you ever had a conversation with someone with opposing ideas? It can be infuriating, especially if they are very aggressive with their ideas, but something I’ve noticed is that it can also help me better understand my own viewpoint. If someone is in my face with the opposing view, it helps clarify what I believe and enables me to articulate it much better than when I’m talking with someone who agrees with me.

The same thing can be true with worship – experiencing different styles of worship can ignite your passion and help you see Scripture through fresh eyes. I think we can become too safe and ordinary in our faith and sometimes it takes a dynamic new pastor or diverse style of worship music to deepen our spirituality.

Staying only in your comfort zone makes your world small. In what areas do you need to change by expanding your world and exploring new tastes?