Talk to me

Photo courtesy of Magnus Franklin (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Magnus Franklin (Creative Commons)

Ever have one of those situations where you find out that something is not right but only because it gets back to you? And by then it is a huge deal and difficult to resolve?

The other day, I had someone upset over what they perceived as an insult, but they talked to several other people who really had nothing to do with the situation and did not understand what had happened.  It was ultimately my decision and responsibility, and I could have easily explained it, but no one came directly to me.

Consequently, the whole issue got blown all out of proportion by the time I found out and there were a number of people upset and hurt by the whole thing. I was left cleaning up a mess.

It would have been so much better if they had just come to me to get the full explanation and we could have avoided all the drama.

It can be like that telephone game, where someone makes a statement and it gets passed from person to person. By the end of the line, it’s all twisted around to be something completely different from what was originally stated.

People love to share, and unfortunately, a lot of people just blurt things out without taking into consideration who they are talking to and what harm those statements might cause, like gossip in an office setting. If you complain about a situation to a co-worker who has no control or authority over the situation, all you are doing is stirring up negative feelings. That person cannot do anything to change or improve the situation, but if they mention it to someone else, then before long, it becomes a huge cloud of bad feelings over the office.

Instead of grumbling that “nothing ever changes around here” or “no one listens to me,” bring your concern to your supervisor or the person with responsibility over that area. If you explain the facts without unnecessary emotion, then you can make progress to fix the situation.

Gossip is never beneficial and creates such an unhealthy environment. Think about how much more pleasant your office could be without all that negative energy.

What can you do to eliminate gossip from your office?