Take a step back

Photo courtesy of Chris Plascik (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Chris Plascik (Creative Commons)

Do you ever find yourself attempting to fix something – whether it’s something around the house or online – and it’s just not working? However, you keep on trying!

I nearly drive myself crazy sometimes doing that – trying either the same thing or something just slightly different – over and over and over again. Usually it’s on the computer, and I get the same error message yet I keep going.

That’s the point where I’m hitting the computer keys harder, and the scowl on my face is getting deeper, and I will bite off anyone’s head who comes near me. It’s maddening!

Instead, I need to learn to step away. Just move on to something else and come back to whatever that issue was because sometimes it’s caused by things out of my control, like a server error or glitch in my wifi. Sometimes, stepping away will allow my mind to process a different approach instead of doing the same thing again.

And sometimes, I just realize it is time to call for help or support.

Whatever the result, it’s best not to keep drilling away at it because all that does is frustrate me and make it harder to think straight. Once I’m frustrated, I don’t see new approaches, and close out all possibilities for finding the problem. Stepping away is not admitting defeat, it’s a healthy way to approach a problem (or challenge).

Are you facing problems in which you need to take a step back?