Systems save the day!

Photo courtesy of Jesse Millan (Creative Commons)

Photo courtesy of Jesse Millan (Creative Commons)

I feel like I have been on a merry-go-round lately, so busy with taking care of things mostly for other people that I’m just spinning round and round, unable to jump off.

The thing that has saved me through all this is the systems and habits I have in place. It was encouraging to know that in spite of being pulled in so many different directions, and needing to do things that weren’t even remotely similar to things I normally do, the basics were still taken care of.

Two of the key tools have been my calendar with reminders and my Trello task lists.  Thankfully my calendar kept me on track with appointments and commitments – in fact I would have completely missed one that was scheduled months ago had that reminder chime not come up on my phone!

When I did have a block of time without a duty facing me, I was able to refer back to my lists on to see what else I needed to be doing. The hard work I had done lately to update those lists really paid off.

Some might think it is rigid and controlling to have systems in place, but for me, it is freeing. I can trust that I’ve put things in the right places with appropriate reminders and can let go. I don’t need to hang onto those nagging thoughts that I need to do something because I know that I will be reminded at the proper time.

The other bonus is that when I find myself with a block of unexpected time, then I have something to refer to so that I make the best use of the time – instead of wasting it and getting further behind. Or, if I decide I just want to read or relax, I can own that decision because I know what I’m not doing.

What systems do you have in place that help you on that merry-go-round of life?